About ADP eventi

The ADP Eventi srl of Annalisa De Paola, operates since 2003 in the field of communication and promotion and manages every type of event.
We deal with the organization of territorial promotion events, urban events, exhibitions, concerts and shows, business meetings and conferences.
We take care from design to turnkey delivery, relieving the customer from any operational task.
We provide prestigious locations or search the one that is more in line with the client's needs.
For ADP events there are no standard projects, but only "ad hoc" projects, designed and implemented each time for the client and his needs.



 1. Social and spectacular events of any kind
2. Search and selection of locations for events
3. Party and private parties

4. Organizations of weddings and ceremonies
5. Organizations of cinematographic and theatrical previews
6. Meetings, conventions
7. Administrative secretaries for conventions

8. Product launch / inauguration
9. Press office
10. Tourist itineraries


80122 Italy, Naples

  M.Schipa 115

Tel: 335-770-3934

Email: info@annalisadepaola.com

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